Happy Earth Day!

This is Texas. We celebrate the beauty of God’s creation every. single. day. We love the land. We enjoy the land. We live off the land. We wisely do our best to conserve what the good Lord entrusted to us. And we don’t need to hug a tree, drive a SmartCar, or carry a trendy, re-usable bag … Continue reading

Victory not Immunity

The last few weeks have been nuts, haven’t they? The Gosnell trial, Boston bombing, the explosion in West, and today, the hysteria over capturing the culprits in Massachusetts. We live in a deeply depraved, fallen world, and it is extremely hard to see GOOD in these circumstances. But, but circumstances, opinions, and conspiracy theories aside, … Continue reading


[Note: I am not addressing this issue from a global perspective because there are women oppressed around our world. This is solely about the dysfunctional mind of the radical American feminist. If this day were truly about women worldwide, then it would be about raising awareness of the women suffering around the world – about honor killings … Continue reading

Heart-shaped Pupils

In January, my Meme & PawPaw celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. In May, my Nana & Papa would have celebrated their 63rd as well. And, today, my parents celebrate their 27th. The longevity of these marriages is an anomaly any more. Single parenthood runs rampant, live-in situations are the norm, and divorce is about as … Continue reading

I’ve Been Set Free

A couple of weeks ago, in a comment thread on Facebook, I was told that it was “extremely arrogant” of me to claim I have a “monopoly” on truth. This entire thread was particularly heartbreaking, but this comment in particular has consumed my thoughts the past couple of weeks: What is truth? How do I … Continue reading

Your Convictions or Your Livelihood??

Background: In January, the Obama Administration issued a “rule” under ObamaCare that requires ALL employers to provide FREE abortion drugs, contraceptives & sterilizations in their health plans. regardless of any ethical, moral, or religious concerns from the employer. The HHS mandate does have a few** religious exemptions, including some organizations whose plans are grandfathered. However, … Continue reading

A Miracle

We have truly witnessed a MIRACLE. Hebrews 13:8 says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. The truth in that statement has never been more real to me in my life–He is STILL performing the same miracles today as He was 2,000 years ago! Blessed be the name of the Lord!!! … Continue reading


I’ve had a couple of hard months. And by a couple, I mean almost five. Five months of uncertainty, incredible physical pain, doctor’s appointments, waiting rooms, questioning, and a continual desire to crawl up on my parent’s couch and let my mom rub my back! It was new for me, and I truly experienced a … Continue reading

Today, I Remember…

…a man of God. …a man who epitomized faithfulness. …a man I respected, adored, and will always cherish. …a man I call Papa. As I sit here, staring out the window of my 9th floor, corner apartment, in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., I can’t help but feel an overwhelming rush of emotion go sweeping … Continue reading