I’ve had a couple of hard months. And by a couple, I mean almost five. Five months of uncertainty, incredible physical pain, doctor’s appointments, waiting rooms, questioning, and a continual desire to crawl up on my parent’s couch and let my mom rub my back! It was new for me, and I truly experienced a “thorn in my flesh.”

Never has that scripture been more real to my heart.

However, through it all, I was constantly reminded that life really is about perspective. Several times when I was having bloodwork done, waiting on one procedure or another, or just sitting in the darn waiting room, I was reminded of our sweet Brynne.

I was reminded of the first time I held her… she puked all over me.

I thought about all of the uncertainty Maggie & Craig experience. Of the numerous, lengthy hospital stays, and the countless number of doctors appointments. All the tests, the blood transfusions, the poking and prodding Brynne endures. The hole in her side, a constant reminder of the disease that consumes her little body.

Yet, through all of this–the disease, the inconveniences, the unknowns–they SMILE.

I don’t think that the smile always constitute happiness or an understanding of the circumstances. The smile denotes the freedom they have received from choosing to take what is seemingly the worst of circumstances and making good from it.


It has the power to define us. To make us stronger or to bring us down. To give us success or bring great failure. It can make those around us miserable, or it can build others up.

Our perspective dictates how we handle life. May we all be like the Bighams–may we choose to take the life the Lord has given us and see it as JOY. To serve HIS people. To bring HIM glory.

I’m continually amazed at what Craig & Maggie come up with to do for each month’s SMILE. They are so creative. You’re going to LOVE their latest project:

Koda’s Kamp, a project of Brynne’s SMILES. Inspired by the one, the only, Koda Case Bigham. It was his idea!! Look how much he’s grown:

Anyway, Koda’s Kamp is for siblings of medically dependent children. It will simply be  a chance for them to have fun, relax and just be a kid without the pressures of their daily life. Everything related to Koda’s Kamp is completely free to the Kamper, including accomodations, food and activities, SO if you would like to be a sponsor or donate items to help, see the Koda’s Kamp blog for info.

Registration is up, so if you have someone to send, get on it! 🙂

Smiles & blessings!


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