Posted in August 2012

Heart-shaped Pupils

In January, my Meme & PawPaw celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. In May, my Nana & Papa would have celebrated their 63rd as well. And, today, my parents celebrate their 27th. The longevity of these marriages is an anomaly any more. Single parenthood runs rampant, live-in situations are the norm, and divorce is about as … Continue reading

I’ve Been Set Free

A couple of weeks ago, in a comment thread on Facebook, I was told that it was “extremely arrogant” of me to claim I have a “monopoly” on truth. This entire thread was particularly heartbreaking, but this comment in particular has consumed my thoughts the past couple of weeks: What is truth? How do I … Continue reading

Your Convictions or Your Livelihood??

Background: In January, the Obama Administration issued a “rule” under ObamaCare that requires ALL employers to provide FREE abortion drugs, contraceptives & sterilizations in their health plans. regardless of any ethical, moral, or religious concerns from the employer. The HHS mandate does have a few** religious exemptions, including some organizations whose plans are grandfathered. However, … Continue reading